Non-Destructive Testing

Inspection Body PED Inspect je accredited for non-destructive testing.

Inspection Body PED Inspect je accredited  for non-destructive testing as per the following table:

 MATERIAL Welded joints on metallic materials Metallic materials Steel castings Steel forgings Steel sheets Thermoplastics
Visual inspection SRPS EN ISO 17637 SRPS EN 13018 SRPS EN 13100-1
Penetrant Inspection SRPS EN ISO 3452-1 SRPS EN 1371-1 SRPS EN 10228-2
Magnetic particle inspection SRPS EN ISO 17638 SRPS EN ISO 9934-1 SRPS EN 1369 SRPS EN 10228-1
Ultrasonic inspection SRPS EN ISO 17640 SRPS EN 583-1

SRPS EN 12680-1

SRPS EN 12680-2

SRPS EN 10228-3

SRPS EN 10228-4

SRPS EN 10160 SRPS EN 13100-3
Assessment of radiographs

SRPS EN 12517-1

SRPS EN 12517-2

Ultrasonic thickness measurement SRPS EN 14127
Identification of the chemical composition of materials

API RP 578