Certification Body for products

As a Certification Body for the certification of products, processes and services PED Inspect is accredited in accordance with the standard SRPS EN ISO/IEC 17065.

IAFThe Certification Body for products  PED Inspect has signed a contract with the Accreditation Body of Serbia on the right to use the  IAF MLA mark. In accordance with the international “IAF MLA” Agreement to which one of the signatories is the Accreditation Body of Serbia, the documents of conformity issued by the Certification Body have a combined certification mark (ATS + IAF MLA) which allows these documents of conformity to be recognized in all countries signatories of the said Agreement.


In accordance with the adopted certification methods, as a  Certification Body for the certification of products, processes and services within the accreditation scope in accordance with SRPS EN ISO/IEC 17065, PED Inspect  is performing conformity assessment  of the following products:

Pressure equipment:

  • Module A1 (internal production control with the surveillance of the final assessment)
  • Module B (type examination)
  • Module B1 (design examination)
  • Module C1 (conformity to type)
  • Module F (product verification)
  • Module G (unit verification)
  • Combination of Modules B1 + F
  • Combination of Modules B + C1
  • Combination of Modules B + F

Simple pressure vessels:

  • type examination
  • conformity verification


  • type-examination
  • Conformity Assessment  Certificate

Electrical equipment (LVD):

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Confirmation of Conformity

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Confirmation of Conformity


The Certification Body for products PED Inspect is a Notified Body for:

  • pressure equipment conformity assessment
  • conformity assessment of simple pressure vessels

The Certification Body for products PED Inspect is in the process of extending the accreditation scope to:

  • the services of ATEX equipment conformity assessment
  • conformity assessment of machinery (MD)
  • conformity assessment of electrical equipment (LVD)
  • conformity assessment of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Quality insurance

Processes taking place in the Certification Body  PED Inspect  are conditioned by the requirements of providing services within the accreditation scope.

All processes taking place in the Certification Body are monitored and analyzed based on the recorded performances. The product certification is performed in accordance with the adopted methods of certification. The Certification Body Management System documentation clearly defines the criteria in accordance to which the products certification process is performed in a justified and non-bias way with strict adherence to all applicable regulations and/or standards based on which the subject work tasks are performed.


The following entities can be  users of the Certification Body services: manufacturers, equipment users, organizations in the field of trading, buyers, etc.

Together with the Client, the Certification Body defines the scope, subject and method of realization of the subject services by contract. All the services provided by the Certification Body in accordance with the contract shall be performed respecting the following:

  • all applicable regulations,
  • all applicable national and/or international standards,
  • all other by-laws stated in the purchasers’ orders and adopted Management System documentation,
  • inspecting and/or testing, observation and valuation of the results with the respect of specific requirements of the Clients.

Complaints and appeals

Any complaint or appeal on the work of the Inspection Body can be placed by the User of services, by the Accreditation Body of Serbia, by the authorized legal representative etc. if they are not satisfied by a particular decision issued by the Inspection Body and requesting the reconsideration of the said decision. All complaints, appeals and remarks on the work, functioning or results of the inspection process must be submitted to the Inspection Body in written (by post, mail or fax), in free written form or by filling in the form number S.FOR.713.01 – “Complaint / Appeal”.

The Certification Body treats all complaints and appeals in accordance with the Procedure S.PR.713.01 – “Resolving complaints and appeals”.