General affairs

This organizational unit comprises all general affairs and technical affairs which are not included within the accreditation scope.

The General affairs organizational unit comprises administrative, legal and financial affairs, human and material resources management, health and safety, environmental conservation and protection, elaboration of QA/QC plans and Authority plans  (coordination plans for assuring conformity with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia) in the sectors of  supervision, inspection and testing during construction, reconstruction/repair and maintenance of facilities in different sectors of industry (petrochemical industry, oil-gas installations, energy…), as well as the following activities of Notified Bodies which are not included in the scope of accreditation activities:

  • Classification and registering of pressure equipment (Notified Body for pressure equipment classification);
  • Approval of personnel performing permanent joints (welding and brazing) on pressure equipment category II, III and IV (Notified Body for conformity assessment  and  Notified Body for permanent joints);
  • Approval of personnel performing non-destructive testing of permanent joints (welding and brazing) on pressure equipment category III and IV (Notified Body for permanent joints).

The management system in the General affairs organizational unit is in accordance with the  standard SRPS ISO 9001.