Inspection Body

Inspection Body  PED Inspect  performs reviews of the designs, products, processes and installations and confirmation of their conformity with specific requirements or based on a professional opinion, with general requirements.

KT akreditaacijailac-MRA_CMYK

In accordance with an international agreement “ilac MRA” of which one of the signatories is the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), all conformity documentation issued by the Inspection Body have a combined accreditation mark (ATS + ilac MRA) and this is the reason why these conformity certificates are recognized in all countries signatories of the said Agreement.


In accordance with the accreditation scope as per SRPS ISO/IEC 17020,  Inspection Body PED Inspect performs the following inspection activities as a Type A Inspection Body:

  • Pressure Equipment inspection,
  • Transportable pressure equipment inspection,
  • Steel structures inspection,
  • Inspection of oil piping, gas piping, product piping and parts thereof,
  • LPG plants inspection,
  • Natural gas plants inspection,
  • Piping joints for butt welding (arcs, Tees, reducing elements, domes) inspection,
  • Metallic and non-metallic materials (for welding procedures qualification) inspection,
  • Inspection of tank-vehicles for transport of dangerous goods by road,
  • Inspection of tank wagons for transport of dangerous goods by rail,
  • Non-destructive testing:
    • visual inspection,
    • penetrant inspection,
    • magnetic particle inspection
    • ultrasonic inspection,
    • radiographic inspection,
    • ultrasonic thickness measurement,
    • identification of chemical composition of materials.



Notifications and Authorization

Inspection body PED Inspect is notified by the relevant Authorities as a Notified Body for:

  • pressure equipment conformity assessment
  • permanent joints on pressure equipment
  • pressure equipment inspection and testing
  • conformity assessment  of transportable pressure equipment
  • conformity assessment  of tank wagons for  transport of dangerous goods by rail
  • conformity assessment  of tank-vehicles for transport of dangerous goods by road

Inspection Body PED Inspect is in the process of obtaining:

  • the certification for the Body for Conformity Assessment  of transportable pressure equipment

Measurement and inspection equipment

Inspection Body PED Inspect possesses the required equipment for measurement and inspection which is adapt to performing activities within the field of inspection services from the accreditation scope.

In order to assure reliability of the inspection results obtained by the use of measurement and inspection equipment the management, identification, calibration/internal verification of this equipment in the Inspection Body is defined by procedures.

Quality of services

The Inspection Body uses standardized inspection methods in their work, fully in accordance with the accreditation scope.

Inspection methods within the accreditation scope of the Inspection Body are described in relevant procedures and instructions of the management system and together with relevant standards they represent a basis for the realization of the specified inspection.

In such a way we have the possibility to maintain the continuity concerning the quality of services.

Complaints and appeals

Any complaint or appeal on the work of the Inspection Body can be placed by the User of services, by the Accreditation Body of Serbia, by the authorized legal representative etc. if they are not satisfied by a particular decision issued by the Inspection Body and requesting the reconsideration of the said decision. All complaints, appeals and remarks on the work, functioning or results of the inspection process must be submitted to the Inspection Body in written (by post, mail or fax), written in free form or by filling in the form number K.FOR.750.01 – “Complaint / Appeal”.

The Inspection Body treats all complaints and appeals in accordance with the Procedure K.PR.750.01 – “Complaints and appeals”.