Notified Body for pressure equipment inspection and testing

Notified Body (Notified Body) for pressure equipment inspection and testing is a part of the of the Inspection Body PED Inspect, a in accordance with the Regulation on periodical inspection of pressure equipment, “Off. Gazette RS”, N° 87/2011 and 75/2013.

The scope of notification of the Body for pressure equipment inspection and testing comprises:

  • First inspection
  • Periodic inspection
  • Exceptional checks
  • Inspections before start-up

The mentioned inspection and testing of pressure equipment may comprise:

  • External inspection
  • Internal inspection
  • Pressure testing

The Notified Body for inspection and testing performs the inspection of the following pressure equipment:

  • High risk pressure equipment
  • Low risk pressure equipment  (in the case when the owner/user do not have the possibility to perform inspection by themselves)

After the completion of pressure equipment inspection and testing,  the Notified Body issues an Inspection Report. If the inspection and testing of high risk pressure equipment doesn’t reveal any non-conformities, together with the Inspection Report the Notified Body also issues a Revision Sheet scheduling the time and type of the next inspection. The data from the Revision Sheet are registered in the Central Register of pressure equipment of the relevant Ministry for energy-related affairs.